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Mexican Pop Star Oscar Schwebel Launches GAIO Media, Sets TV Series Based On Music Group OV7

EXCLUSIVE: Mexican pop superstar and member of the Latin music group OV7 Oscar Schwebel is teaming with marketing exec and producer Andrés Rodríguez and producing partners Gina Castellanos & Iván Gómez to launch the TV and Film venture GAIO Media. For its inaugural project, Schwebel is partnering with José Bastón’s Elefantec Global to develop a series based on OV7.

“During the last year we established a unique creative collective and we have a slate of projects in development that speak from our cultural experience,” said Schwebel. “GAIO Media embodies the provenance of a synergy of talents, and our aim is to produce high-quality content designed to impact the audience in ways that films and TV did to us throughout our lives.”

OV7 was formed in the late ’80s as a kid-friendly homage to Grease when their members were between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. The group became a three-decade pop juggernaut in both Latin America and Spain.

“OV7 just turned 30. I grew up with their complete repertoire,” added Rodríguez. “No other band in Latin America has been able to stay relevant for this many years. They keep filling venues and their music still plays in every celebration you could think of. After learning all the ups and downs in the band’s journey, it was a no brainer that their story needed to be told. Luckily, I think we found a way to do it that will surprise the fans and will make it a welcome addition to the very successful bio series market.”

In addition to OV7, GAIO is in talks to produce other life stories based on other popular Latinx stars. Castellanos said that they will announce in the near future. “We want to create projects that will empower Latinos in both Latin America and the U.S.,” she said. “Enough about trauma, we have many universal and inspiring stories to tell.”

Iván Gómez, an actor and writer who brought the team together, added “We have been working hard to create our own opportunities. I think Hollywood is finally taking notice of the tremendous pool of talent we have both in front and behind the camera. We are more than half a billion around the world and growing, our cultural wealth is vast, but the entertainment industry has told only a minuscule part of it. It is time to change that.”

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